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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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suspended his campaign for the republican nomination. >> his exit from the race leaves mitt romney as the likely nominee. steve handelsman is on capitol hill right now with the latest. steve? >> reporter: hi, pat and jim. wow. well, this is the biggest day so far in the race for the white house. now we know almost for sure that it will be mitt romney who goes up against president obama. now that rick santorum suddenly is out. why did he quit today? the next primary in two weeks is pennsylvania. rick santorum's home state. but the polls show his lead shrinking. and santorum said his daughter bella's illness forced him and his wife to question the strain on their family. >> and we made a decision over the weekend that, while this presidential race for us is over for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting. >> reporter: he'd campaigned across iowa out of a truck.
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all but ignored in debates. teased about his sweater vests. but rick santorum won iowa and ten more states, most in the south, emerging as the conservative alternative to mitt romney. >> miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable as any race that you will ever see for president. i want to thank god for that. >> reporter: but romney meet santorum in must-win midwest battlegrounds. michigan, illinois, ohio, wisconsin. he had many more delegates and more money. in a statement romney called santorum able and worthy. they spoke, romney hopes for a santorum endorsement. newt gingrich says he won't quit. >> rick has to do what he thinks is appropriate in his circumstances. >> reporter: president obama in florida today was already focusing his campaign more intensely on mitt romney. demanding the wealthy like romney pay higher taxes. >> you're bringing in 1 million bucks or more a year, then what
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the rule says is you should pay the same percentage of your income in taxes as middle class families do. >> reporter: 30%. the warren buffett rule. sure to be a major obama campaign issue. now that rick santorum is leaving the gop fight to mitt romney. in the latest national poll by "the washington post" and abc news, president obama leads mitt romney by seven points. 51% to 44%. our other big story today on this tuesday, 11 days later an the mega millions mystery is finally over in maryland. >> the real winners finally claim their share of the $656 million jackpot. but as news 4's megan mcgraph tells us, just as one mystery ended, a new one emerged. >> reporter: it turns out there were actually three jackpot winners. the friends who all work for the maryland public school system pooled their resources and
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bought 60 tickets. while we're learning a little bit about their backgrounds, there's still one thing we don't know. their names. that's because they want to remain anonymous. first, there was the ticket buying frenzy. it helped drive the jackpot up to a world record breaking $656 million. >> with mega jackpots -- >> reporter: then came word that one of the three winning tickets was bought in baltimore. so who are these newly minted millionaires? here's the official picture of them at lottery headquarters. and, no, it's no mistake that their faces are blocked by that oversized check. all three have asked to remain anonymous. >> they were modest. they were, i think, humbled by this stroke of luck that they have -- they've received. i think at times they were a bit overwhelmed. >> reporter: so overwhelmed that they plan to stay out of the limelight completely.
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here's what we do know about them. lottery officials say the friends each paid $20 and bought 60 tickets. one winners an elementary schoolteacher. another teaches special ed. the third is in an administrative support staff position. and those weren't their only jobs. >> all three winners work multiple jobs. one of them works two full-time jobs. >> reporter: to continue working, well, that's apparently the plan. the winners told lottery officials that they will continue to teach, but they also plan to have a little fun with their newfound wealth. >> they hope to take a backpacking trip through europe with their brother. another winner wants to pay for his daughter's college educations and buy his sister a new house. the other -- or another winner would like to go and tour italy's wine country. >> reporter: the jackpot will be distributed through the maryland comptroller's office. the money will be wired to the
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winners' accounts in the next seven to ten business days. in baltimore, megan mcgrath, news 4. lottery officials in illinois are still awaiting another mega millions winner to step forward there. the winner in the smalltown of red bud has a year to claim their prize. two men are under arrest after a leading d.c. police on a chase that ended with the suspect sitting in the reflecting pool near the capitol. it all started around 3:30 this morning when police tried to pull the man over during a routine traffic stop. the driver took off and the officers lost the car. they found it in the pool in the lower senate park near d street and louisiana avenue northwest. the suspects ran off, but police caught them. they also found a weapon in the car. stealing smartphones could soon become a lot less profitable. phone carriers and makers announced a plan today to make the electronic devices useless once stolen. as brian mooar reports, law
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enforcement officials are hoping to pull the plug on a growing crime in d.c. and around the country. >> reporter: battling a national surge in smartphone thefts, the wireless industry and law enforcement are getting ready to shut down criminals by shutting down stolen devices. >> if a phone is stolen, a button can be pressed and it can be rendered useless anywhere in the world. >> reporter: within six months stolen phones and tablets can be entered into a national data base. a blacklist. and remotely crippled. these gadgets are not only expensive, they are lock boxes for our most personal information. and account for as much as 40% of thefts in america's big cities. >> it's like draining the swamp to fight malaria. what we're doing is drying up the market. >> reporter: european carriers are already using a similar system. successfully. the nation's five biggest carriers are onboard with more to come. >> out of the gate, that is sort of north of 90% of all consumers
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in the united states will be supported by this. >> reporter: but this effort also includes an education program. >> why don't i have a password? i didn't really know i needed one. >> reporter: consumers can do a lot to protect themselves. >> it's always locked. >> reporter: and make life a little harder for thieves. >> i use the old lady trick and stick it in my busom. nobody's going in the safe deposit box. i know it's okay there. >> reporter: a new plan to hang up on smartphone thefts. this ambitious program was thrown together in a little more than a week, but could take 18 months to get up to full speed. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. fairfax county approved names for the new silver line stops. the names are mclean, tie son's corner, greenboro park, spring hill, wiehle-reston east, reston, hernden and innovation. they rejected the first list from fairfax because they were too similar. the county in metro used an online survey with more than
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16,000 responses to generate this list of names. the metro board will get the final say on the station names later this year. another windy afternoon out there. >> and it's going to be a chilly night. meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now. veronica, the day has been fine. >> yeah, the day has been fine. it's been another breezy day for us with that mixture of clouds and sunshine. guys, the wind today not quite as strong as it was yesterday. take a look at the board here. across the area, locations, frederick down toward cull pupper and fredericksburg, winds today not quite as strong. gusting between 17 and 25 miles per hour. take your attention just to the west. coming off the ridges, slightly higher. from 30 to 35 mile per hour gusts winchester towards shart lotsville. we're going to start to lose that wind. for today, through today, red flag warning remains. that means high fire danger with the lack of rainfall, low humidity and with that wind. not just here but from new york down to south carolina we're
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seeing red flag warnings. the other thing, of course, the pollen being kicked around again. that count at 436 grains per cubic meter. good thing is the tree pollen is starting to decline across the area. but still running well above the daily average. that's where we've been this year. for 1998 through 2011 that daily average usually 361. where have we been? as high as 841 for the daily average this year. we're at 68 degrees right now. we'll talk about the cooling temperatures coming our way for the overnight. the other thing we're going to talk about is this. you're looking at there a photo that i took a couple hours ago. patapsco river, howard county. you can see along the banks there the bottom. the river bed. lack of rainfall. when are we going to get some substantial rain around here? i'll have the details with your four-day forecast in just a couple minutes. this could be a pivotal week in the trayvon martin case. a special prosecutor is expected to make a decision any day now on whether the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the teenager will be charged.
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meanwhile, that volunteer, george zimmerman, is now addressing the ordeal online. jay gray has more now from sanford, florida. >> reporter: the waiting game continues in sanford, florida. >> we thought they had enough from day one for the police to make the arrest. but in the 43 days it has been now and counting, we think the evidence has unfolded to give a plethora of evidence to at least arrest george zimmerman. >> reporter: we now know if there is an arrest in the death of trayvon martin, special prosecutor angela corey will make that call on her own. >> by not going to the grand jury, she's decided this is a decision she can make and it's going to be a decision she can justify without needing any cover. >> reporter: as corey decides his fate for the first time since he shot and killed the unarmed teenager george zimmerman is now reaching out. lawyers confirm this is his new website, which includes this message to supporters. as a result of the incident and the subsequent media coverage, i've been forced to leave my
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home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately my entire life. martin's mother wants everyone to know she's lost so much more. >> this is not just life changing for us. life ended for trayvon martin. this has affected us very deeply. i have my good days and my bad days. i have my moments where i'm smiling, thinking about trayvon's smile. i have my moments where i'm still crying. >> reporter: a family grieving in a community clearly on edge. yesterday protesters closed down the sanford police department for several hours. overnight shots were fired at an unmanned police car parked outside the gated community where martin was killed. a graphic reminder of the raw emotions here. more than a month after the shooting. emotions that will likely continue to simmer here until there is a decision in this case. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. the miami marlins have suspended their manager, ozzie guillen, for comments he made
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supporting former cuban leader fidel castro. guillen told "time" magazine he loved and respected castro for staying in power for so long. those comments enraged the large cuban-american community in south florida. this morning, dozens protested outside marlins park in miami, calling for guillen to apologize. some even shouted for him to move to cuba since he loved castro so much. at a news conference guillen says his comments were lost in translation. >> and to say i say i cannot believe somebody hurt so many people over the years is still alive. i let the ball club down. i let the team -- that's why i think it's very important. that's the reason they hire me. to manage a ball club. not to talk about politic. >> the marlins suspended guillen without pay for five games. coming up next, the first lady gets set to give the biggest losers a real workout. also, have you ever had that
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amazing dream but you just couldn't remember all the details when you woke up? how eating bananas may be the key. plus, the buzz is building today about a potential cure for
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working out with the first lady on tonight's episode of "the biggest loser." trainers and contestants, they get to visit the white house. they even get to work up a sweat with mrs. obama. trainer dolvette quince told "news 4" today what it was like
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to have the first lady as his client. >> make no mistake of it, she didn't hold back and neither did i. it was about getting her in shape. even if i had a small window which we had. she enjoyed it. she loved it. i was yelling at her. she was yelling right back. i would be honored to continue to train her. you know what? she was fun to train. she was athletic. as a trainer, what more could you ask for? >> mrs. obama says she's a big fan of the show because it's in keeping with her ongoing effort to curb childhood obesity. you can watch the full episode of "the biggest loser" tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. >> she's already in good shape. >> yeah. we're learning more about the canadian actress accused of stalking "30 rock" actor alec baldwin. police say genevieve saburan sent baldwin a string of e-mails begging him to marry. she reportedly referred to baldwin as her husband and pleaded for him to, quote, say "i do." the actress was arraigned on harassment and stalking charges yesterday. her lawyer said her client and
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baldwin had a two-year mutual relationship. a scary purple panda. a father/son team that could make some dough off their pizza skills. >> and why you might want to add a banana to your might time snack. with the hot talk of the day is cane from hot 99.5. why do i want a banana at bedtime? >> we eat them during the day. >> i know. how many dreams do you have in any given night? ever thought about that? doctors say between four and six. if you want to remember more of your dreams you're supposed to eat things like bananas because they have vitamin b6. i guess it takes some part of your brain and keeps them awake with the amino acids when you're sleeping overnight. you want to remember dreams more vividly eat a couple bananas before bedtime. caution. do not eat too many. it can cause insomnia. >> then there's that. >> you have to find the banana balance, if you will. some say between one and two.
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wakes part of the brain up during the r.e.m. sleep. in a blind college study they found it works. >> not enough bananas, bad. >> yes. there is a banana balance. >> banana balance. discovered something new. there's a new survey that's talked about the age at which women are willing to show off a little more of their bodies? >> follow this. they've tried to figure out at what age women show the most leg. and they found the age is 23. and here's where they got that from. at the age 23, you're on your own. you're able to buy your own clothes. you finally have a chance to break free from your mom telling you, you're not going to wear that out, are you? at 23 you have the shortest skirts that you could possibly wear. at around 18 inches. then after that, the length of the skirt goes up. or longer. until the age of 28. at which time they say that women are most likely to try to find a husband. then they get shorter. then they get longer after 30
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until 40 when they get short once more. ultimately ending at 60 when they're the longest at 40 inches. which is one of my favorites. ladies in skirts. >> you have done the math on that. those were some toned gams there. >> i think one of those was sarah from our show, i believe. probably some of our interns as well, i'm thinking. >> that cute purple panda. it may be a little more intimidating than we're used to. >> get ready for this. the best trending video on hot remember back in the day, mr. rogers? that's mr. mcfeelly. >> we know him. >> here comespanda. listen. >> oh, where are the kids going? where are they going? they're leaving. >> they're crying. they're screaming and crying because of the purple panda. mr. mcfeelly standing -- oh, no, no. never trust a purple panda, friends. if i could teach you one thing
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today, 23 is when your skirts get shorter and never trust a purple panda and have just the right amount of bananas before bedtime. >> tell us about the all in the family for one father/son pizza team. >> came at number two today for the most trending videos on our website. check this out. here's the dad. that's pretty good. then he tosses the dough to his son. this is a 7-year-old. you want to talk about skilling, wait for the punching move that's coming here in just one second. right there. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. i was going to bring a pizza dough today but i couldn't find enough for the three of us. isn't that pretty incredible? bam, back to the dad. >> they've got an act going. >> as germaphobes, do you think they both washed their hands before they did that? >> only we would think of that. >> that's the first thing i thought of when i saw the video. >> i think this is just for the pizza show. not for the table. >> he's great. but the worst part is the first
4:21 pm
thing i thought was, gosh, i hope that kid washed his hands. >> chance for a pool party in miami. >> we're talking about maroon 5 and flo-rida and more. tomorrow morning you could be on a jet heading to miami. two chances to go to fountain blue in miami. coming up at 8:05 and 9:05 tomorrow on 99.5. >> i'm going to try to find my banana balance. >> i'm going to put on my purple panda suit. scare you all. >> thanks, cane. >> we'll tune in tomorrow morning. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, toxic nail polish that could be harmful for thousands of women. plus, a kid's quick action saves the day as he takes the saves the day as he takes the
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things are browning out because it's so dry. >> right. because it's so dry, and especially along some of the minor rivers, another photo coming up of patapsako river in howard county. which, of course, hits a lot of counties. another red flag warning for today, brush fire threat high
4:25 pm
because of the lack of rainfall. low humidity. and the wind today. once again. let's head on over to the weather wall and take a look at thing. we do have a mixture of clouds and sunshine out there. your temperature is 68 degrees. as i mentioned earlier, not as much wind today. it's sustained currently out of the northwest, that dry wind, at ten miles per hour. we're getting a gust of 20 miles per hour. your temperature is at 68 te grees right now. the wind still a little on the breezy side as we head into the evening hours. 5:00, 7:00. 64, 59 degrees. going out this evening, you're probably going to need a jacket. by later this evening for 9:00 and 11:00 p.m., 54 to 50 degrees. getting definitely on the chilly side if you're going to be out late. sun sets at 7:41. as far as other locations, in frederick county 63 your temperature. 72. definitely a warm spart in fredericksburg. southern areas, 68 in culpeper, virginia. 69 in charlottesville.
4:26 pm
72 in pax river. a few showers up to the north around frederick, frostburg and hagerstown. a better chance of getting some light showers through here tomorrow. probably not until next week. here's a look at the panoramic photograph i took earlier today. this is the pat an apsco river in howard county. 39 miles long. touches on areas in baltimore county, howard county, frederick county and an run doe county. you can see the bottom, actually the river bed there. we are looking at, again, getting just a little bit of rain but not very much tomorrow. so far we've only gotten 5.69 inches of rain. average 9.79 inches all the way up to areas in the northeast. abnormally dry. they're seeing also a red flag warning today from northeast new york through south carolina. low pressure producing the wind
4:27 pm
that heads out. high pressure starts moving in but not until we get a few showers tomorrow. that best chance comes during the afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. jacket for the evening. 50 to 55 degrees. tomorrow morning definitely a jacket. 37 to 42 degrees. a look at your forecast for tomorrow afternoon, 52 to 57 degrees. we're relly going to step down the temperatures tomorrow. your four-day forecast here. a little sunshine comes our way thursday. high 60. friday, 64. a lot of folks are excited about the weekend. 71 degrees expected on saturday. coming up in a couple of minutes, of course, the space shuttle "discovery" in town next week. we're going to take a look at the forecast for that. >> thanks, veronica. still to come on "news 4" at 4:00, for decades women having trying to get rid of cellulite. experts say we can do this. a two-hour
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welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson. here's what's happening in the news at this hour. there's breaking news from the campaign trail. rick santorum has just suspended his campaign for the republican presidential nomination. the announcement came late this afternoon in gettysburg, pennsylvania. his exit from the race leaves mitt romney as the likely nominee. but newt gingrich is still in the race.
4:31 pm
a mystery over who hit the mega millions in maryland is over today. three baltimore public school workers who wish to remain anonymous claimed their share of the $656 million prize. each will take home about $35 million after taxes. despite their winnings, all plan on keeping their day jobs. any minute now, there'll be a news conference in the trayvon martin case. earlier today, george zimmerman's attorney confirmed a defense fund website setup is for real. zimmerman shot and killed the florida teen in february. he's not been charged yet with any crime. more concerns today about europe's debt woes sparked a huge selloff for stocks up on wall street. the dow sliding about 213 points to close at 12,715. the nasdaq down about 55. and the s&p 500 is off 23 points on the day, closing at 1358. there is a brand-new way for you to fight seal ewe lite if you're a woman.
4:32 pm
some doctors say the new procedure is unlike any they've ever seen before. natalie morales explains. >> reporter: you're looking at the latest tool in the fight against cellulite. it's called cellulase, recently approved by the fda. doctors use a tiny laser to target cellulite under the surface of the skin. dr. bruce katz participated in clinical trials at his new york city office. >> for the first time with one simple treatment, we get long lasting results, very safely performed and quick recovery. >> reporter: the procedure begins with a local anesthetic so the patient is awake the entire time. once the area is numb, doctors katz inserts a tiny laser under the skin. it's a three-step process. the laser heats the skin and actually melts the fat. then it cuts through the bands that pull the skin down to create the dimple effect. finally, the laser heats the skin to enable the growth of new
4:33 pm
collagen, which is company says increases the elasticity. >> usually in several weeks, you start seeing those bumps and valleys go away. >> reporter: after the procedure, dr. katz says the patient may experience soreness and bruising. most can go back to work the next day. the company says the results can last one year or more. but it's too early to measure the long-term effects. >> we think it's possible that it may come back if people gain weight or stop exercising. but i think if they've stayed clear for two years, we will get lasting results for many years to come. >> reporter: 35-year-old joana patrica is a physician's assistant in queens, new york. she has the procedure in fall of 2010 as a part of the clinical trials. the result? >> amazing. it was awesome, actually. it was nice to actually look in the mirror and not feel so self-conscious about something that had bothered me probably for a good 20 years. >> reporter: buzz about
4:34 pm
cellulase is already spreading. harper's bazaar takes a close look at the procedure in its may issue. >> the data i've seen is certainly the most impressive data i've seen on a cellulite treatment ever. it is what we call a game changer in the business. >> reporter: for joanna, cell a cellulase was the answer. >> it costs $2,500 and up depending on the area you want treated. a new warning out for women getting a mani/pedi in california. state chemical regulators say some salons have nail polishes seeped in chemicals that can cause birth defects. many of the polished bottles found in salons were mislabeled as toxic free when they contained dangerous levels of a tomtics trio. tolunen, dpb and formaldehydfor
4:35 pm
transgender women will be allowed to compete for the miss universe crown in 2013. pageant officials made that announcement today. a week ago the organization decided to allow 23-year-old jenna talakova to take part in this year's competition. talakova was born male. she underwent a sex change four years ago. miss universe officials are now working with the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation to finalize its policy change. too fired to wash your hair? how about letting a robot do it? that's right. panasonic has developed a robot that actually shampoos hair. the robot has 24 finger sensors that scan the shape of a customer's head. it then applies water and shampoo. and the little fingers then get to work. the robot even does massages. the company says it will start testing the device this week at a barbershop in western japan. if all goes well, the shampoo robot could be on the market within a year.
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a new alarm clock. that's the sound that guarantees you will never, never be late for work again. a 25-year-old new jersey man created it. there is no snooze. once the alarm goes off, you have to get out of bed and punch a code into a separate key pad which is creator recommends you keep in a different room. that's the only way to turn the alarm off. again, there is no snooze button and the alarm just keeps going even if you unplug it. it costs 350 bucks. >> if you need an alarm clock like that, you need more sleep. >> oh, you do. i would throw that sucker out a window in a high-rise like that. there's more to come on "news 4" at 4:00. if you get awful service at a restaurant, what kind of tip should you leave? there's a new study out that reveals what people say is expected. plus, a wild scene on the streets down under as teenagers go o
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hey, do you leave a tip if you get bad service at a restaurant? if the answer is no, you're not alone. a new survey found today 32% of adults don't leave a tip if they feel they received less than average service. another 13% said they will still tip but only 10% of the total bill. the survey said most people leave more than a standard 15% if they have good service when they eat out. now for the deal of the day.
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we've got two for you. first up is living social. d.c.derm docs. or 20 units of botox cosmetic on one area for $190. more than 300 folks have bought that deal. let's check out groupon for the day. prince georges county, the jerk pit has a deal if you're hungry. the college park restaurant serving up $16 of food for $8. about 300 people have bought into this deal. don't forget, you can download our own nbc 4 iphone app for free to stay up to date on the latest news and weather on the go. just search nbc washington on itunes. when "news 4" at 4:00 continues, a seventh grader saves the day when a school bus driver has an emergency behind the wheel. ♪ i get so lost sometimes plus, christina aguilera is critical of her former mu eer
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mouseketeer as the live elimination round continues.
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we do not even know where to begin looking for our umbrella. we are so dry out there. >> exactly. there's cobwebs on the umbrella. it is dry. abnormally dry. what's interesting is that our next chance of rain comes with what's going to be a big deal next week. not just in the science community but everywhere. that, of course, is the space shuttle "discovery" coming into town. a rare sight and a rare flight, folks. the space shuttle "discovery" flies over d.c. piggy backed by a modified 747 by nasa. viewing opportunities, go to the national mall, national harbor.
4:45 pm
it will land at dulles. all this comes as the program nasa was shut down just last year. but all that is weather permitting. if you look right there, we do have a chance for some showers next tuesday. with a temperature of 64 degrees between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. we're going to be rising to a high of 72. something very rare to see as it heads to its home. all right. our temperature is at 68 degrees. your wind still pretty high with gusts at 20 miles per hour. wind, once again, is going to settle down. then it's going to pick up again tomorrow. it's going to be just a little lighter. we've been getting a little lighter and lighter with wind each day. chilly for tomorrow morning. at 5:00 a.m., 43 degrees. a lot of folks, you might just need the jacket heading out the door. sun is up at 6:37. when does the rain push into the area? a snapshot of wednesday, future weather. after about noontime, showers
4:46 pm
from about 1:30, 2:00 up until about 6:00 p.m. that's when it looks as though we could get just a little bit of rain around here. high temperature for tomorrow, 57 degrees. 60 for the day after there on thursday and dry. dry, too, to start the weekend. look at that. we get a warmup. 71 on saturday. 78 degrees. there's the rain for monday and tuesday. tuesday when that shuttle arrives. >> we're longing for the rain. >> i know. we need it. >> thanks, veronica. tonight, it's the end of the road for four more contestants on "the voice." >> a live elimination show starts at 9:00 tonight. nbc's stephanie stanton joins us live from los angeles. she's got a preview for us. hey, stephanie. >> reporter: you know, last night a lot of singers stepped out of their comfort zones. there were a few hits, but there were definitely some misses. let's recap what happened last night first. let's start with christina aguilera. she pulled no punches with
4:47 pm
former muse ka tier tony luka who sang peter gabriel's "in your eyes." she called his performance good but said she felt he was one-dimensional and that there were better singers here on "the voice." ouch. also kim yarboro caught some criticism for singi ining adele "rolling in the deep." also bow tie wearing pip failed to impress the judges by singing "when we were juyoung" by the killers. christina said he was trying too hard. adam seemed disappointed by the bmpbs. there were hits. 19-year-old matai from dallas sang "ordinary people." also hawaii native chessa gave an electrifying performance last night. the biggest winner of the night went to the hiv positive singer, also a former drug addict, ja mar rogers. he really knocked it out of the park. he sang lenny krav its are you going to go my way for the show
4:48 pm
closer. he got a standing ovation from at least some of the judges. his coach cee lo was absolutely thrilled. even adam levine complimented him, saying he truly embodies what this show is all about. that's a recap of last night. here's what happens tonight. america voted. the votes are in. the top three singers from each team will move on in the competition. the bottom three will come back, sing tonight again for one more shot. each coach gets to pick one person to advance. and the bottom two will go home. so when this is all over with tonight, we'll see four performers going home and eight advancing here on "the voice." back to you. >> all right. going to be a lot of nail biting tonight. >> yeah. >> thanks, stephanie. the d.c. lottery wants you to imagine being the winning contestant on "the voice." here's your chance to become a "voice" vip and get heard. submit a sample of your singing. four finalists will get $400. the winner will get a guaranteed vip audition for the hit show.
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submit entries on good luck. coming up next on "news 4" at 4:00, a wild police chase that lasts two hours. also, remembering the victims of the "titanic" 100 years ago today. coming up on "news 4" at 5:00, a fight over funding. what it means for faphase two o the dull es rail project. a safer way to treat prostate cancer. stick around for "news 4" at 6:00. killer whales are spotted during
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we have some breaking news right now. george zimmerman's legal team just announced they are quitting. they say they have lost contact with him. zimmerman is the man who killed trayvon martin down in sanford, florida. nbc news is working to get more answers this afternoon. we will have more on this coming up at the top of the "news 4" at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. seventeens led police on a two-hour high-speed chase through the australian city of brisbane today. the two stolen cars led police through the crowded downtown streets in the middle of the day. one of the vehicles eventually wound up driving into a shopping cre center. the teens in that car were quickly surrounded by police. kids are now facing about 50 charges including burglary, breaking and entering and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. today marks the 100th
4:53 pm
anniversary of the day the "titanic" departed southampton, england, on her ill-fated maiden voyage to new york. today relatives of the victims attended a somber ceremony at the dock from which the "titanic" sailed. many of the mourners tossed wreaths into the water. more than 1,500 passengers and crew members died april 15th, 1912, when the ship hit an iceberg and sank off the coast of newfoundland. four out of five crew members on the titanic were from southampton. still ahead, hear from the child whose quick acting helped stop a school bus after the driver suffered a medical emergency. >> for all your news, be sure to follow news 4 online. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ two seventh grade boys in washington are being hailed heroes after steering a school bus to safety. the boys got behind the wheel after the driver suffered a medical emergency. eric wilkinson has this story. >> just any ordinary day. >> reporter: jeremy was expecting another dull day when he hopped onboard the bus this morning. >> right after spring break. we all don't want to go to school. >> reporter: he found himself in the middle of a mess that would make him the talk of the school. >> the bus driver starts
4:57 pm
convulsing. his eyes are bulging. he's making weird rasping noises and his hands are twitching. >> reporter: the bus driver was suffering what appeared to be a seizure. the bus rolling down the road out of control. >> i was just thinking about i don't want to die. >> reporter: the seventh grader jumps into action. >> grabbed the wheel. i turned it to the right. took it on the side of the road. took the keys out of the ignition. bus started slowing down. i'm like, oh, someone call 911. >> reporter: jeremy is now considered a hero in the halls of surprise lake middle school. given his generous nature will live on in the lore here for years to come. >> my principal said i'm going to get free snacks because we have a snack bar over there. hopefully i don't get too many. i'll be telling my friends, hey, guys, what do you want? free snack bar! >> reporter: remember, jeremy's just 13 years old so she doesn't have a driver's license. how does he know his way around a steering wheel so well? let's just say it's not his little secret with mom anymore. >> she lets me back the car out of the driveway so i can give it
4:58 pm
a car wash. so don't tell me dad that, okay? >> wow. the bus driver is in grave condition. now a major shake-up in the republican presidential race. >> off the top tonight, breaking news from the presidential campaign trail. just a short time ago rick santorum suspended his campaign for the republican nomination. surrounded by family, he made his announcement in gettysburg. >> we made the decision to get into this race at our kitchen table against all the odds. and we made a decision over the weekend that, while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we arnot done fighting. >> rick santorum's exit from the race leaves mitt romney as the likely nominee. good evening. it is the biggest day so far in the race for the white house. >> santorum is out clearing the way for mitt romney to face
4:59 pm
president obama in november. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on what happens next. maybe you can tell us, how does the health of his 3-year-old daughter, bella, play into today's decision? we know we heard that she was ill yesterday. >> it's the second time, barbara and jim, that she's been ill during this campaign. it definitely played a role. and perhaps tipped the family over the edge. here's how that might have worked. remember, the santorums are a big family. rick santorum talks an awful lot about his family. they're very close. he home schooled his kids. bella suffers from some disability. she's been very sick. she survived a short time ago and then was back in the hospital over the weekend. if you look through what santorum said in his remarks today, you kind of get the feeling of a family that decided as a group that he owed it to american families, is the way he put it, barbara and jim, to get in this race to fight not just the economic issues, but the family issues. the social conservative issues that are so dear to the heart of ri


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